Ure Museum Database

The Ure Museum Database contains text descriptions and captioned images of the collections contained within the Ure Museum. There are also entries on archival material relating to the collections, which are held in the Museum. The Database serves as a testbed for a comprehensive, illustrated museum catalogue that can be tailored the specific content of the Museum (our Database therefore emphasizes the Ure Museum's strength in ancient ceramics). It combines artefact records with archival materials, and images as well as text detailing both are browsable and searchable through a unique set of tools.

The Ure Museum Database is a joint endeavor of the Department of Classics, University of Reading and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) in Berlin.

The Database can be accessed either by using the quicksearch box at the left or by a series of clickable sorted lists beginning with a list of fields occurring in each record.

The Virtual Lightbox used on this website was developed at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.

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